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Reminder: Please be sure to use complete sentences and correct spelling!

Read the following questions and then click on the blue link found in the question to go to the website that will contain the answer to that question. Not every link will go to the same web page, so be sure to use the links provided. If a new window does not open when you click the link you will need to use the "back" button on your browser to return to the WebQuest. Do one Quest at a time. Remember to have fun!



1. Who comes to wake Harry in the middle of the night?

2. What does Harry see when he leaves the tent?

3. Where do Ron, Harry, and Hermione run to?

4. Who do they find there and what does he or she tell the three friends?

5. What is Harry missing?

6. Who appears before them and then suddenly disappears again?

7. Who do they see limping through the woods?

8. What do they hear before they see the green smokey skull?

9. What is this skull called?

10. What is Winky holding when she is found?

11. Who does Winky belong to?

12. What does her master threaten to do to her?

13. What does Mr. Weasley explain the Dark Mark means?

14. Who are the Death Eaters?

15. Why would the Death Eaters be afraid of the Dark Mark?




1. What time to the Weasley and Harry return to the Burrow?

2. How did Mrs. Weasley hear about the events from the night before?

3. What is so special about the Weasley's Grandfather clock?

4 Why does Mr. Weasley and Percy have to go to the Ministry?

5. Who is Rita Skeeter?

6. What is she known for doing to wizards?

7. What does Mrs. Weasley bring the children?

8. Why does Ron get upset about what she has given him?

9. Why does Harry feel badly for Ron?


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