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Reminder: Please be sure to use complete sentences and correct spelling!

Read the following questions and then click on the blue link found in the question to go to the web site that will contain the answer to that question. Not every link will go to the same web page, so be sure to use the links provided. If a new window does not open when you click the link you will need to use the "back" button on your browser to return to the WebQuest. Do one Quest at a time. Remember to have fun!



1. Where does Harry land and who is with him?

2. What do people say when they see him?

3. Where does Dumbledore go and what does he tell Harry to do?

4. Who grabs Harry and drags him to the castle?

5. What does Moody ask Harry?

6. What information is Moody the most interested in?

7. What is Moody's response when Harry tells him a Death Eater is at Hogwarts?

8. Who placed Harry's name in the Goblet of Fire and also fired off the Dark Mark?

9. How did Moody assure that Harry would win the events of the tournament?

10. What did Moody do in the maze?

11. What does Moody intend to do to Harry? Who saves Harry and how?

12. How does Dumbledore look to Harry?

13. What does Dumbledore instruct Harry to do?

14. What does Dumbledore ask Snape to bring to him? Who else is summoned?

15. What do they find when they open the seven locks on the trunk?

16. If the real Moody is locked in the trunk, who is the imposter and how did he do this?

17. How did Barty Crouch escape from Azkaban?

18. Who figured out the switch and how? What happened to her?

19. Who was supposed to watch over Barty?

20. Who stole Harry's wand at the World Cup?

21. Why did he fire the Dark Mark into the air?

22. Who told Barty to disguise himself as Moody?

23. Who moved into Mr. Crouch's house? What did they do to him?

24. What does Barty say once he is finished telling his story? How is Winky?




1. What does Dumbledore do before going to his office?

2. Who is waiting there in his office?

3. What does Harry agree to do, even though he does not want to?

4. How does Dumbledore explain what happened to the wands?

5. Who did the feather belong to?

6. What happens to Harry while Dumbledore explains to him about the wands?

7. Where does Dumbledore send Harry and who is to go with him?

8. Who is waiting for him there?

9. What does Madam Pomfrey give Harry to drink?

10. Who does Harry hear arguing when he wakes up?

11. What is the argument about?

12. Why are they so upset about what Fudge did?

13. What does Fudge believe about all of the events that have happened?

14. What does Dumbledore warn Fudge to do? Is he going to do it?

15. What is Dumbledore's response to Fudge?

16. Does Fudge believe Snape and what does Snape tell him?

17. What does Fudge leave with Harry?

18. What are Dumbledore's orders to those left in the Hospital Wing?

19. What does Harry try to do with the money and why?


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