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Reminder: Please be sure to use complete sentences and correct spelling!

Read the following questions and then click on the blue link found in the question to go to the web site that will contain the answer to that question. Not every link will go to the same web page, so be sure to use the links provided. If a new window does not open when you click the link you will need to use the "back" button on your browser to return to the WebQuest. Do one Quest at a time. Remember to have fun!



1. Who refuses to speak to Harry?

2. What does Rita Skeeter do in her article?

3. What does Harry wear to a Hogsmeade visit and why?

4. Who sees him?

5. Where does Hagrid take Harry and what does Harry see?

6. What does Charlie say about the Hungarian Horntail?

7. Who does Harry trip over in the woods?

8. Who meets Harry at 1 a.m.?

9. What does he tell Harry about Karkaroff?

10. What information does Harry get about Moody?

11. Does Harry get advice about what to do in the first contest?

12. What happens between Ron and Harry at the end of this chapter?




1. What do Harry and Hermione do research on?

2. What does Harry consider doing instead of competing in the Tournament?

3. Why does he change his mind?

4. Who does Harry warn about the dragons and why does he do it?

5. Who helps Harry figure out how to get past the dragon?

6. How does Harry plan to do this?

7. Who helps him practice and what is it that he is practicing?

8. How do the contestants find out which dragon they have to get past?

9. Which dragon does Harry get?

10. What is it they are to retrieve?

11. How does Harry do in the challenge?

12. What does Ron realize?

13. What is supposed to give the contestants a clue to the next event?

14. When is the next event?

15. How does Harry feel at the end of this chapter?


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