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Reminder: Please be sure to use complete sentences and correct spelling!

Read the following questions and then click on the blue link found in the question to go to the web site that will contain the answer to that question. Not every link will go to the same web page, so be sure to use the links provided. If a new window does not open when you click the link you will need to use the "back" button on your browser to return to the WebQuest. Do one Quest at a time. Remember to have fun!



1. What does Harry gather up that night and where does he go?

2. What does the room look like? Why is it so special?

3. Who joins Harry?

4. What is the suggestion he is given?

5. What happens when he follows the suggestion?

6. Who is in Snape's office?

7. What happens to Harry on the way back to his bed?

8. Who does Filch think is responsible for the egg and map?

9. Who saves Harry from Snape and Filch?

10. What does Moody ask Harry and what does Harry report?

11. What does Moody want to borrow and what is Harry's answer?

12. What does Moody suggest Harry should study to be?




1. What does Harry tell Ron and Hermione?

2. What do they speculate about?

3. What do the messages between Sirius and Harry consist of?

4. What have the three friends not been able to figure out?

5. Who returns to teaching?

6. Why is Harry alone in the Library?

7. Who awakens Harry and what is given to him?

8. What does Harry find at the bottom of the lake?

9. Who does he rescue and how?

10. Why does Harry recieve the marks from the judges? Who reported on what Harry did?

11. What does Harry plan to do for Dobby?


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