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1. Thinking of what you have read, why is it such a shock when Harry's name is read from the Goblet of Fire?

2. How does Ludo Bagman feel about Harry being chosen?

3. Who thinks the contest has been rigged?

4. What does Dumbledore think of Harry being chosen?

5. How does Snape think Harry was chosen?

6. What does Moody have to say about Harry being chosen?

7. What will the contest consist of?

8. What does Cedric think about Harry?

9. What is going on in the Gryffindor common room when Harry returns?

10. How does Ron feel and what does he think about Harry being chosen?

11. How does this make Harry feel about Ron?



1. What does Hermione tell Harry the next morning?

2. Who does Harry write to and what does he tell this person?

3. How do most people feel about Harry now?

4. What do the Slytherins wear to Potions class?

5. What happens when Malfoy begins to taunt Hermione?

6. How does Snape deal with this?

7. What happens when Ron and Harry yell at Professor Snape?

8. How is class interupted?

9. Who grabs Harry and drags him to a closet and why?

10. Who saves Harry?

11. Who comes to weigh the wands?

12. What is in each of the contestants wands?

13. What is Harry supposed to do on November 22nd?


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